Thursday, February 11, 2010

February Crop Class - Mini Album

After creating this beautiful, butterfly inspired min-album, I tried to think of a title that would be appropriate. Kathie and I were kicking around a few ideas and then almost at the same time, we both said "evolve". It seemed like a fitting title when you think about how a beautiful butterfly comes to be. I also think that everyone "evolves" in their own way.

Then I got to thinking.....maybe instead of "evolve", you could use some of the same letters and make your title "love" (I tried to figure out any other words that you could make using the letters in the word evolve--I could not come up with anything else!). So whether you want to make a mini album with an "evolve" theme or a "love" theme--this class is for you!

To sign up for this class, go to If you are not available to take the class, we will also have "kits to go" for this project that you can purchase.

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